A Year on Clear Lake-May 14, 2013

Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along- May 14, 2013

Finally! I have a name for the little bird that runs (make that “bobs”) up and down the bulkhead by the watering hole. It’s a Spotted Sandpiper. This little bird has the habit of endlessly bobbing the rear part of its body up and down, thus it is also called “Teeter-tail.” Other interesting facts about this sandpiper is that the female of the species is the aggressor. She is the one that establishes and defends the territory, while the male takes on the role of parental care, incubating the eggs, and raising the young. The female may also mate with up to four males and leave each with a clutch of eggs to tend to. You can read more about the sandpiper at All About Birds.

The yellow-crested heron was most unhappy with me today. His favorite spot is among the weeds along the marshy shoreline. Can you see him in the photo at the left? He’s hard to find he blends in so well. When I approach the water’s edge, I am very cautious, as I don’t want to disturb any of the birds–some are very skittish of humans, the yellow-crested heron being one of them. Typically, when I spot him I will back away and give him a very, wide berth. Unfortunately, today he was too well camouflaged, and I got too close. He shouted out a few nasty squawks and flew over to the bulkhead in a huff, where I received many nasty looks (photo right). After making his displeasure with me well known, he flew off. As I was leaving for the day, I spotted him back among the weeds. All’s well that ends well.