A Year on Clear Lake-May 1, 2013

Sunrise Surprise–May 1, 2013

Yipes! I think this blog is bugged! Two days ago I was lamenting the brilliant sunrises I miss now that the sun has disappeared around the bend. So, look what nature cooked up for me and delivered to my back door–a gorgeous, serene sunrise minus the drama of the flaming orb. Thank you–it is much appreciated.

With such a great start to the day, can it get any better? Of course. Not only did I get an incredible sunrise, I also got a surprise visit from two black-crowned night herons. They were on the pilings just off the boardwalk and waiting for me when I stepped outside to see the early morning sky. Though it was still dark, I could just make out the two herons. They were gracious enough to hang around until the day brightened that I could snap a photo–even though a bit grainy. What a treat!

The day wasn’t done. Down by the boat launch the little turnstones were having a blast taking baths. These little balls of puff would dip into the water and then shake like a washing machine, water flying in every direction.

If that wasn’t enough, at the watering hole who shows up but my friend the little blue heron, who has been missing for a long while.  I was just beginning to wonder if we would see him again. No worries. He’s back, and at the top of his game.

A day filled with wonderful gifts – it is a joy.