A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 8, 2013

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner –March 8, 2013

You never know who’s going to drop by for a visit. Look who came today – Caspian terns.  A small group of these birds, making themselves right at home, were sitting smack in the middle of the usual gaggle of seagulls. Of course, their bright orange-red bills, in addition to the fact that they are much bigger than the gulls, were dead giveaways to their presence.  The Caspians are the largest of the tern family, eat only fish, and are often found around Bolivar and Galveston. I haven’t seen them around this part of the lake until today.

You have to admit their coral bills do add color to a rather black, white, and grey scene. Yes. Diversity is a good thing.