A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 7, 2013

Meditation in Motion – March 7, 2013

White Pelicans are the epitome of grace, whether gliding effortlessly in the sky above or floating smoothly across the water’s surface. Like a wave in the air, these huge, majestic beast fly pass in single file, rising and then dropping in rhythmic harmony. They are a meditation in motion, endowing the moment with calm peacefulness and unhurried serenity. (Read more about the White Pelicans here).

I love their presence during the winter months, but with spring breaking out all over here – not so much in the northern part of the country yet – they’ll be packing up and heading out soon. I vow to soak up every bit of wisdom I can glean from these beautiful creatures in the next few weeks. But for the moment I’ll just take a few slow, deep breaths, let the body settle down, relax, and enjoy.

On another topic: I believe the law of attraction is at work, but I don’t think it’s suppose to work quite the way it is. As soon as I mention not seeing the ospreys–they show up. I spotted one today in a new haunt, an old abandoned pier just a short ways from the old spot. What is fun to me is that I now recognize their call, and will most often hear  it before I spot them. Like a warning, they begin to cry out when I edge closer to them than their comfort level. I was exploring a new stretch of shore when I heard the high pitch, short cry. It always takes a moment for it to register with me. Then I spotted him atop the old light pole. Unfortunately, still no decent photos, but I’ll keep trying–of course.