A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 6, 2013

Back at It – March 6, 2013

A quiet, peaceful, day with no wind advisories, and little wind. The waters are calm for the first time in a while, and everyone seems to be easing back into the groove. It feels like a Monday without the weekend.

The water was out of the lake again early this morning, and the pelicans gathered in mass in the shallow waters, but water levels were back to normal later. Down by the boat launch an egret, and later a heron, stopped by to check out the action, while a killdeer was seen strolling down the beach. Well, it wasn’t exactly strolling–killdeers don’t stroll anywhere, they make 50 yard dashes. (More about them here.) And it isn’t exactly a beach, though I like to imagine it as a beach. It’s a beach-like area on the land side of the bulkhead down by the marina. (Sorry, that’s about as beach-y as it gets on Clear Lake.)

One thing to report: the osprey are missing in action, again. I’ll say no more about them, thank you.

All in all, a quiet day, and that feels good. We’re all entitled to one of those every now and then. Enjoy.