A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 4, 2013

Taking Flight – March 4, 2013

March is living up to its reputation as the windy month. A wind advisory again today makes a photo safari somewhat  of a challenge. Strong waves slapping the shoreline keep the shorebirds at bay. Choppy waters and high winds make hunting fish from the air difficult at best, and the smaller, more water-bound birds like ducks and coots that bob up and down in the swells – it makes me seasick just watching – are hard to find.  Even the seagulls seem to keep a low profile on windy days like this, though I did find a small gathering in the boat launch area. Down by the marina an egret was smartly taking cover from the wind behind a big exposed bulkhead.

The only one who seemed to be enjoying himself immensely was the huge pelican leisurely and effortlessly gliding in the currents overhead.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from our fine feathered friends–respect the weather. What comes to mind are the massive tie ups on our highways when blizzards move through, or, in Houston, torrential rains make our roads impassable. I’ve been stranded a few times, and I must say I wished I had the sense to lay low.