A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 31, 2013

Sunset after the Storm–March 31, 2013

This Easter Sunday, the last day of March, began beautifully. Perfect weather for an Easter egg hunt, or a picnic by the water. The park filled with families, and the lake filled with boats.

But late in the afternoon a fierce storm roared in–dark, menacing clouds, a wild, wicked wind and a heavy, drenching downpour made its way across the lake.  People scrambled to pack up and hurry home. Even the birds hung on for dear life.

Then as quickly as it arrived, it was done, with only a few lingering clouds. As the storm cleared, people and birds re-emerged, including a few camera-loving folks (self included) intent on capturing the dramatic sunset.

You never know what the day (or life) will bring you. Just enjoy.