A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 3, 2013

Sun Salutation–March 3, 2013

The early morning sun bathes this pelican in a warm, golden light as he performs his version of a sun salutation before beginning meditation.

And here’s yet another sign of spring–during breeding season the brown pelican sports  rich, reddish-brown hair on the back and sides of its usually white neck. Our guy here is looking mighty dapper–watch out ladies!

Today is a fabulously rare day in Houston – delightfully moderate temperature, low humidity. Perfect. Why can’t we bottle this to enjoy just a tiny whiff during those miserably hot, humid days of summer?

(Note to self: Quit whinning about the summer and start enjoying today’s perfection. Go outside. Sit in the sun, soak in the rays that warm you, but don’t scorch. Breathe in the light, dry air. Relish the hint of coolness. This is how you bottle up the day, so when that hot, humid, summer day comes along, you pull out this delicious memory and take a whiff.)

The osprey were apparently at a convention the last couple of weeks, and failed to notify me. This post (left) by the marina has been vacant for two weeks except for an occasional seagull that dared to perch there. Lo and behold, look who I found today, the second missing osprey. Either they have been out of town, or these birds are messing with me.

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