A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 27, 2013

New Arrival–March 27, 2013

Another new arrival–the Great Egret shown above. Exciting to see this beautiful, elegant bird. A little smaller than the Great Blue Heron, but quite a bit larger than the Snowy Egrets. With its appearance I go back to my original premise which is that seasonal changes on the lake are subtle. They are not marked by dramatic displays like leaves changing color, or snowfall, but rather by the changing of the guard, the migratory birds. And here it is unfolding right before our eyes–nature at work.

I wonder what subtle changes are occurring within us? We are a part of this natural world, and thus so affected. But how so? Are we more restless? Need more or less sleep? Need less food, more food? Ah, could it be love we’re looking for? It may sound silly but it’s true–I do feel an urgent need to clean out the old and start anew. Spring cleaning? Could that be an innate drive?

Seriously, though, I want to spend a little time with this. To connect with my body, to see if I can sense a shift or a change with the new season’s arrival. How about you? Any insight?