A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 25, 2013

He Who Waits– March 25, 2013

I love the Great Blue Heron. His eyes are so intense; there is such focus. Add to that his patience. He stands about four feet tall and can be absolutely motionless for long periods.  While the other fowl sometimes chase after their prey, the Great Blue waits patiently for the food to come to him. When an unsuspecting fish swims within range, the Great Blue strikes lightening fast. He is the epitome of the proverb “good things come to he who waits.”

And they say opposites attract – which probably explains my fascination for this beautiful bird. No one would describe me as patient or focused! Oh, well, maybe if I study him long enough some of his good traits will rub off.

In the meantime, chilly weather has returned. Record lows for this time of spring. Of course, you’ll get no complaints from me. I’ll be whining about the heat sooner than I care to think about.

Enjoy the moment. I’m loving it.