A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 24, 2013

In Motion — March 24, 2013

Strong winds today. Yesterday the winds were calm. Yesterday the water here was very high. Today it is almost gone. This scene is always changing. It is always in flux. Every aspect is constantly in motion. Nothing stands still–not the wind, the water, the grass, the flowers, the temperature, the sky, not even the sun. Change is the only constant.

I think it is easy for us to forget that fact. Our interaction with the outdoors is, at best, superficial.  We’re aware of the weather – if it is hot or cold outside, rainy or sunny. But even here we miss the subtle changes.  Whether hot or cold the temperature changes throughout the day–cool in the morning, warm midday, cool again at night. The sun, whether shining or not, is always in motion–rising and setting, moving constantly.

The world that we move in seems stable–the walls of our homes, the furniture, the people in our lives don’t seem to change, and yet everything here is changing constantly, too. Our bodies are constantly in flux, old cells dying off, new cells replacing them; our relationships are changing either growing stronger or weaker with each passing minute; and we, ourselves, are changing with each experience, each feeling, each new piece of information that registers every second  in our brain, heart and soul. We are not the same person we were yesterday, nor will we be tomorrow.

We can be frightened by change, or we can embrace it and take comfort in it. It is, after all,  a natural part of our earthly experience.