A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 23, 2013

At Your Feet– March 23, 2013

Ever take the time to look at what lays at your feet? Pretty impressive stuff. A true masterpiece of delicately assembled layers of colors and textures. This carpet of seemingly dead grass is bursting with new life–small green vines winding their way amid the shafts of straw-like, lifeless blades; tiny wildflowers speckling the mix with an orange blossom here, a yellow one there, and a blue over here; and then a sudden burst of huge, white blossoms take over the scene. Paper-thin petals stand just above grass level swaying with the light breeze, their eye-catching geometric designs beckoning small insects to come sample their wares. Beautiful–and to think this is just what we walk on!

Lots of bright colors popping up all over. And oh, the smells–a sweet, warm fragrance in this area, and though I sniff around I can’t find the source. A heavy, earthy scent over here by the golden bush. To think neither of these scents were detectable yesterday, and today the air is rich with them.

Even this piece of driftwood, deposited unceremoniously on shore by Hurricane Ike, gets dressed up with pretty purple wildflowers and a host of greenery.

Nearby, my friend the osprey stands guard, and a flock of coots gather on the bulkhead. This little stretch of urban lakeside is a virtual paradise filled with delights for the senses. I think how many times over the years I’ve driven by totally unaware of its treasures. No more.