A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 22, 2013

T’is the Season – March 21, 2013

This Little Blue Heron is beginning to show signs of its breeding plumage. The maroon color brightens, long plumes grow on the crest and neck, and the bill becomes more of a turquoise color when breeding season rolls around. One  interesting fact about this medium-sized heron is that its middle toe has “teeth” like a comb which it uses to scratch its head, neck, and throat. After all, he needs to be groomed and at the top of his game when courting the ladies.

But it’s not all about charm. The Little Blue Heron’s breeding success is dependent upon weather factors and a plentiful food source, too. The drought we’re experiencing might not bode well for our feathered friends. We wish them an abundant supply of crawfish in the coming months.

But going back to the heron’s  “comb” – isn’t nature fascinating and ingenious? A built-in comb. Tell me we haven’t been given everything we need to survive.