A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 20, 2013

Sailing into Spring–March 20, 2013

At last, spring is finally “officially” here. Today is the vernal equinox. I love it! Evenly balanced sunlight. Sunrise at 7:26 am and sunset at 7:33 pm. Okay, so cut the sun some slack. Let it have a few extra minutes. I can sympathize. I understand deadlines. Sometimes you just need a little extra time to get the job done. Besides, we got off to rough start this morning–a few dark clouds and a bit of much-needed rain. But it has cleared off nicely and spring is blooming away.

Balance, what a great topic for today. There was a time when we all were much more in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and life. Our long ago ancestors, of course, were more directly impacted by the natural world–no electric lights or central air and heat. A lot of other things weren’t around, either, like cars and jets, computers and the internet. Yipes! Scary thought, or is it? A simpler life makes for a more balanced life. Just think if we didn’t have to divide our time between family and the internet, or between working in the garden and traveling across town to a new restaurant.

I struggle with balance. I want to do it all, have it all, experience it all. I want to live life to the max! But what if I spent more time focused on what I’m doing right now, what I have right now, what I’m experiencing right now, and I forgot about all the rest that I think I have to have, do and feel? I might miss a few things along the way, but I bet I’d be just as maxed out–not to mention, balanced and happy!