A Year On Clear Lake-Mar 2, 2013

Breakfast on the Bay — March 2, 2013

There has been an Elvis sighting. A few days ago I mentioned that it had been more than a week since I had seen the two osprey that frequented the lake this winter. I assumed they had left the area, and gave them a great osprey send off. No sooner had I posted then one of the missing osprey reappeared.  In truth, I don’t know if it is the same bird, or a new one passing through, but I was treated to an osprey fishing expedition when I stepped outside this morning.

The sequence of photos are silhouette, taken with the backdrop of a rising sun only seconds away from rising above the horizon.

Our lives often get bogged down in routine. We do the same things everyday. We face the same people, the same actions and the same problems. What I’ve learned to appreciate through my daily excursions in nature is nature’s incredible ability to surprise and delight with something new. Each day is different, and we never know what waits for us outside the door. We might be treated to a breathtaking sunrise, an amazing osprey hunt, striking cloud formations or the amusing antics of seagulls. But we will miss all those delightful gifts if we don’t open our eyes and look. It’s true that the lake is a wealth of opportunities for special sights and sounds, but you don’t need the lake to discover nature’s many gifts. Nature surrounds us everywhere. What are you missing?