A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 19, 2013

On the Red Carpet–March 19, 2013

As this willet sauntered  down the walk way it made me think of celebrities on the red carpet. She does have a certain grace and flare about her, doesn’t she?

Then that made me think about how crazy things have gotten in our society with all our celebrity worship. Are we so desperate  for heroes that we make anyone with a moment of fame a hero? And then get angry when we learn they aren’t one, after all? Shame on us.

It’s part of our disconnect. We’ve lost touch with the essence of who we are, and what we are. We don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore, nor what matters. We look outside ourselves for answers, and solutions and heroes, when in truth all we need is within.

The natural world is what’s real. No one there is looking for heroes, or trying to ascertain what’s real. Nature is genuine, and it’s good to remember that we are nature, too. We are genuine. We don’t need heroes, or red carpets.

Look to nature for inspiration, and look within for guidance.