A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 18, 2013

Outside In–March 18, 2013

He’s a Green  Anole lizard. They thrive here on the Texas Gulf Coast–love the warm weather and the humidity. (I’m glad someone does.) And even though he is not technically a chameleon, he will change from a bright green to a grayish brown color depending on mood, temperature and environment. That’ s a good thought for today, especially seeing how I’ve been avoiding my office, choosing instead to work on my laptop at the kitchen table. So what do lizards and laptops have in common? Nothing, but environments do.

Just like our friend here, we are affected by our surroundings, which are in a way an extension of ourselves. What we see “out there” is part of us. The same with what we hear, taste, and smell. What is outside we bring inside. It affects us internally, and changes us. For instance, a beautiful sunset makes us feel calm and peaceful, the smell of lavender relaxes us, and a cluttered, messy desk makes us feel like a disorganized disaster (hence my kitchen over my office).

The bottom line is we need to remember to nurture ourselves from the outside in. Be aware of our surroundings, and make certain that they serve us well. Clear the clutter. Surround ourselves with beautiful art and music, rich colors, relaxing aromas, and always fresh, healthy foods. It’s the best way to stay a bright, brilliant green inside and out.