A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 12, 2013

Majestic Grace–March 12, 2013

The Great Blue Heron adds a touch of majestic grace to any scene.  I love its slow and deliberate moves, though it can strike like lightning when the time is right. Standing erect its body is the epitome of fluid and grace, yet it can compact down into the smallest bundle balanced on two skinny legs.

I was surprised to learn that this large bird weighs only about 5-6 pounds. Birds seem so lightweight and fragile, and in fact, their bones are hollow and filled with air sacs which connect to their respiratory system. Scientist have been puzzled as to why, despite a bird’s hollow bones, their skeletons weigh the same as that of similar mammals.  New research has uncovered the answer–a bird’s bones are much denser than similar mammals. So, though a bird may look delicate, its bones are actually very dense which makes them both heavier and stronger.

It appears as if nothing is quite as it seems. A good thing to remember.