A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 11, 2013

High Drama – March 11, 2013

Talk about drama. It was an amazing show at the marina today.  An Ibis, a Little Blue Heron and a Snowy Egret were all working in the same area. The ibis scored a crab catch, and the heron decided he wanted a share. He began to chase the ibis, who first ran than confronted him head on. The heron backed down–temporarily, but was soon back to his old tricks. Eventually the ibis won out, and enjoyed the goods of what he had worked so hard to get.

During all of the drama, the egret stayed out of it, going about her business as if nothing was happening.

We can learn a lot from this. Drama happens everywhere–whether at the lake, or at the office, at home, in our lives, or our relationships. But drama doesn’t own us, we choose it. And we choose how we react to it, as well. We can buy into it and watch our lives become a melodrama, or decide not to. Opt for not, and you’ll live longer and happier.

I’m enjoying today’s gorgeous weather, though it is still a little chilly and windy, but heck, we’re getting used to it by now. Others out enjoying the day – an Osprey and a Great Blue Heron – and of course, the seagulls.