A Year on Clear Lake-Mar 1, 2013

Day Is Almost Done, March 1, 2013

Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. A  mockingbird, perched in swaying bamboo stalks at the shore’s edge, sings busily as I pass. The tiniest hint of blue color catches my eye — a wildflower springing up amid a patch of dead grass. And more, and more purple martins arriving.

As in everything, the first to come gets the best selection–in this case, housing.  First choice appears to be a room in the lighthouse situated over the water.  The second pick is space in the the hexagon-shaped birdhouse right off our deck.Finally there’s the “low rent” wooden structure that has fallen into disrepair since sustaining  damages in Hurricane Ike. (See story here.) This week’s strong winds further damaged the roof, destroying the top floor. A few rooms are still available on the floor below. In addition, there are two other castle-like, birdhouse structures farther down the way. However, the homeowner reported he hadn’t notice any purple martin action yet. Get ready. We’re hanging a No Vacancy sign.