A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 6, 2013

And Babies Make Six–June 6, 2013

I found momma and babies on Lake Nassau. It’s in the park adjacent to Clear Creek,which feeds into Clear Lake.  Lake Nassau is a much more hospitable habitat than Clear Lake, so with a little luck this small brood should fair better than our earlier one. I read the ducklings’ chances improve the more experienced the mother is. I don’t think our first mother was experienced–she left the babies in the marsh area where the yellow-crowned herons hang out. Not a good move.

A storm moved in this evening. It was quite dramatic, and provided a fantastic lightning show. I managed to snap a photo of the lightning – not the best, but my first attempt at catching lightening. In the end we got more lightning than rain, but still it was a good one.

We had another visitor to the purple martin house this morning – a juvenile yellow-crowned. I have discovered that, for some reason which I don’t understand but love, the herons and egrets like the stretch of water out behind home base. Each morning I can count on finding a heron of some sort perched either on the bird house, or one of the pilings nearby. Unfortunately, they usually fly off before it is light enough to get a photo.

It seems ironic, though, that I would find them in my backyard. Must be my vibes attracting them.

Green Thought: The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. -Ralph Waldo Emerson