A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 22, 2013

Summer’s Golden Glow–June 22, 2013

Love the golden glow of a summer sunset. By the time the sun reaches this point, just minutes before it calls it quits for the day, it has mellowed. No longer fiery and blazing, it is warm and soothing. One can get lost in its gentle warmth.

The lake is packed this weekend, filled with more traffic than I think I’ve ever seen. There’s a big boat race. I mean BIG boats–the cigarette boats, they are called. They’re big, fast, and make lots of noise. The boat event is called the Texas Outlaw Challenge–need I say more? Races, bikini contests, etc.  Now, all the work at the marina makes sense–the removal of the old pier, the temporary structures in the parking lot, the temporary fences along with the $5 parking signs. Several celebratory events are scheduled to take place on the marina property.

I love retreating to the peninsular, even though the boat traffic is heavy on both sides, today. Music blaring–sound carries on the water, but if you’re in a boat I guess you can’t hear with the motor’s roar. So the little peninsular is rocked with music and with waves pushed ashore by the speeding boats’ wake. Still, despite the madness all around, this little piece of nature is serene with its rabbits, and birds, and deer–we caught another fleeting glimpse of the deer today–going on about its business. They are kind enough to share their space with us.

Tonight, of course, is Super Moon, and so we end the day with a golden sunset and a spectacular moonrise. Can it get any better than that?

Green Thought: When I admire the wonder of a sunset, or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the Creator. – Mahatma Gandhi