A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 20, 2013

Never Assume–June 20, 2013

The red-eared slider is deceptive. It’s a turtle, right? Turtles are slow–everybody knows that. But this guy is not as slow as you might think. I found out. He was making his way through the grass near the water’s edge. Not certain what I was seeing, I approached a little nearer.

A turtle–how cool is that! And I snapped a few shots. He became aware of my presence and slipped into a small depression in the ground nearby, and did what turtles do. He pulled all extremities inside the shell. Okay, fella. I didn’t mean to be intrusive. I backed away to give him his space, and quickly distracted myself with nearby wildflowers. A casual glance back in his direction revealed him up, out of the hole, and quickly moving  to the water’s edge. In a flash he was gone, sliding over the edge and disappearing into the water.

Apparently red-eared sliders are famous for quickly sliding off  rocks, logs, and edges – hence their name. While mainly aquatic–our guy had a healthy portion of algae growing on his shell–they leave the water occasionally to bask in the sun, or to lay eggs. And, they move deceptively fast on land, as I discovered.

Which leaves us with the day’s lesson–never assume you know someone, until you really do. Otherwise, you don’t know them at all.

Green Thought: Nature has given man one tongue, but two ears, that we may hear twice as much as we speak – Epictetus