A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 19, 2013

Things are Jumping–June 19, 2013

Rain, at last! A good down pour this afternoon dropped at least an inch or more.  The sun was back out by early evening, but the good drenching breathed new life into the area. (Note: The falcon in photo at left is my neighbor’s decoy. It’s purpose is to keep the birds I feed from messing up his deck.)

The tiny frog pictured above is about the size of a penny. (Can you find him in the photo at the right?) It’s the first frog I’ve seen in a very long time, but more about frogs at a later date. In the meantime, along with the frogs, came rabbits, egrets, herons, even a new kind of duck wandered out of the brush.

Water is such a precious gift. It is the stuff of life. We often take it for granted. The drought of two summers ago taught me a healthy respect and deep appreciation for this vital life giver and lifesaver. We can’t ever take it for granted.

Green Thought: There will be a rain dance Friday night, weather permitting. ` George Carlin.