A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 17, 2013

Ubiquitous – June 17, 2013

This cactus caught my eye. Okay, so it was a slow photo day.  I walked passed it, initially, but then turned around. I had to go back to take the shot. Enough said.

So it was a slow day on the peninsular, too. I didn’t see much activity, but I know there is great drama taking place throughout the thick brush.  It’s like a whole another world in there, and we only get to catch a glimpse when some creature wanders or flies out of it.

We’re long overdue for rain–it’s been more than a week and temperatures have inched close to triple digits. The ground is baking. I found these holes (left) burrowed in the ground. I’m guessing they were made by mole crickets. But remember, I’m a novice naturalist. I need to verify this.  The holes are in the area where the yellow-crowned herons were clustered, so whatever digs these holes must be considered delicacies by the herons.

I stopped by the marina today, the old watering hole. I knew something was up when they removed the old pier. Putting money into property never bodes well for the wildlife. So I dropped by today to see what was up. They have been busy constructing small building-like structures in the parking lot area. They’ve also put up a fence. Who knows what’s next. I’m glad I finally found the peninsular. By the way, I checked for some of the old regulars–egrets, herons, etc–but none were present. I’m sure they still visit regularly, I just missed them (in more ways than one.)

A yellow-crowned showed up out back  before it got too dark to snap a photo. The purple martins started dive bombing him, but he just ignored them. He looks like a crusty, old man–not one easily run off.

And so it goes, another day on Clear Lake.

Green Thought: I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright. ~Henry David Thoreau