A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 16, 2013

Love on the Rocks — June 16, 2013

Leaping lizards! There’s a lot of lovin’ going on this hot, summer night. Things were heating up as I came upon this pair of love lizards. Looks like Lady Liz is a little suspicious about what Big Liz has in mind as he placed his arm around her. I quickly moved on leaving them to sort it out. April to September tis the season of lizard love.

Babies continue to be the business of the day elsewhere, too. I was escorted by two  male, red wing blackbirds along the section of path where the birds have their nest, or when the baby (pictured right) ventured out. The blackbirds are fiercely protective of their young, and will gang up on a  perceived threat. They have been known to dive at humans who get too close. My escorts, fortunately, did not, though they made it known they were not happy about my presence. I hurried along to give them peace of mind.

But then inadvertently disturbed this young yellow-crowned night heron from his chosen spot in the middle of the thick brush. He flew up to the top of a nearby tree – a very tall tree – squawking all the way.

There is also a sizable flock of white winged doves on the peninsular, too. The white wings have a very interesting history. The desert southwest was their original habitat, but they were nearly wiped out in the 20th century by habitat loss and hunters. Their numbers dropped from an estimated 12 million to less than 1 million by 1939. Fortunately, these beautiful, gentle birds have rebounded, expanding their territory (some have been seen as far north as Alaska and Ontario) and adapting to urban living. They are a nice addition to the peninsular.

Green Thought: Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher. – William Wordsworth