A Year on Clear Lake-Jun 1, 2013

Throwing Caution to the Wind–June 1, 2013

This egret’s daring perch atop the chain link fence on a windy day made me want to applaud. In truth, it did not stay there long, but long enough to win a “bravo.”  The park was packed today since it is the weekend. I was surprised that the egret was even here. Usually, with so much human activity, all birds are scarce, but this egret was quite interested in what the young boy was up to–fishing. Hmmm. Wonder what he’s thinking? Sharing in the catch?

All this made me wonder: Do the birds think that June starts the migration season for humans, who appear in large numbers at area beaches and horn in all the good fishing holes? Do they look forward to when the season ends and things return to normal?

Last weekend a small boat sank in the area by the boat ramps. The wind has been strong for over a week, and the water level high. The boat has been in the water since Sunday. This seagull is getting a bird’s eye view of the damage.

The green heron was back at the canal, only today he was working from the dock instead of the ropes. This is his attack pose – straight as an arrow.

And I should introduce you to our neighborhood ducks. These guys hang out at the same canal as the green heron.

Green Thought: If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~Vincent Van Gogh