A Year on Clear Lake-Jul 28, 2013

Lantana Gone Wild–July 28, 2013

The lantana has gone crazy. This native plant is blooming everywhere on the peninsula.  I didn’t recognize the prolific plant without its flowers. The cheery blossoms  can be spotted all along the trail and out in the brush area, too. The colors are predominantly the pink, white and yellow blooms shown here, but I did find at least one stand of solid yellow flowers.  A few of the other wildflowers are blooming again after last week’s rain, but nothing like the lantana – this must be its peak season.

Things were quiet this evening even though we had a good downpour in the early afternoon, which usually sparks a lot of activity. The rain came across the lake from the south, first dousing the peninsula before making its way to our side of the lake. I took this photo of the peninsula as the rain was moving across it. There was still standing water when I got there this evening.

Apart from mockingbirds and rabbits there was little happening. I did come upon two yellow crowns in an area where they often hang out. And the possum emerged from the brush again making a beeline straight for the water.

Earlier in the day I ventured over to the boat ramp and I found this female grackle perched by the water. I know these birds have a bad reputation and are not that well liked, but she looked very pretty in this setting. Maybe they are not such annoying birds in a natural setting, it’s only when they congregate in shopping center parking lots that they become a nuisance.

Green Thought: Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower. Alan C. Kay