A Year on Clear Lake-Jul 27, 2013

The Outer Banks–July 27, 2013

All the action right now is on the outside of the peninsula, the outer banks, where the water level has dropped low enough around the marsh grasses to expose “beach.” It provides the perfect hunting grounds for shore birds, but the hunting isn’t just good for the birds. This family of raccoons were making their way along the exposed area on the far side of Clear Creek this evening, as well.

Getting the photo above was challenging. The outer rim of the peninsula is thick with vegetation – some small live oaks, other trees and shrubs, as well as palms, but predominately pyracantha bushes, which are loaded with sharp thorns. It’s an effective barrier that keeps thin-skinned humans from walking to the edge. Beyond this barrier at water’s edge are the wetland grasses that are usually in the water. In the photo, you can see the grasses with the “beach” area , and in the background is the thorny barrier. This particular spot is located at a bend in the peninsula. I was able to stand on one of the benches and on tiptoes snap the photo. It gives a nice view of the peninsula’s shoreline as it looks from the lake.

This yellow-crowned night heron, working the shoreline along the creek, is “earning” his stripes. Look closely and you can see the trademark white streak beginning to fill in on his face. It’s a sign that our boy (or girl) is growing up.

The green herons were active today, too. This fellow successfully defended his territory, running off another green heron who dared to move in. From the looks of it, I think he’s preparing to run me off, too.

No sight of the deer or fawns, maybe tomorrow.

Green Thought: Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. ~Pascal