A Year on Clear Lake-Jul 16, 2013

I’m On It–July 16, 2013

Rain continued today–off and on. Dashed over to the peninsular tonight with storm clouds moving in from the distance. Tried to make the rounds before the rain hit, but was unsuccessful. Now I can add “playing in the rain” to my list of mid-life accomplishments. Drenched is putting it mildly, but the most frustrating part was being unable to take photos during the downpour. My camera was tripled-wrapped in plastic to protect it from getting wet (remembered the plastic bag for the camera, but not an umbrella for me.) All I could do was look as herons flew past, a large frog hopped next to me to share the semi-protection of a small tree, and a  mysterious insect, a cross between a cotton ball and a cricket, sat patiently on my wet shoe. Alas, some of the best shots of the day.

Before the rains came again, there was a lot of activity. YCNHs, Snowy Egrets and Green Herons worked the shoreline. Mockingbirds, cardinals, and blackbirds were busy, too. And, of course, the rabbits– always the rabbits.

Earlier in the day I visited the boat ramp. There was an interesting egret event underway. About a dozen of the birds were gathered underneath the Nasa Parkway bridge. This is where Clear Lake and Armand Bayou merge. The birds took turns flying into the middle of the water, touched down, then quickly returned to the side of the bridge. I don’t know–maybe it was some rite of passage for the young egrets. You could spend a lifetime learning bird behavior. It’s fascinating.

Speaking of fascinating behavior, where have all the purple martins gone? The house is empty, not a sign of anyone at home. Very interesting.

Green Thought: The best thing one can do when it is raining is to let it rain. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.