A Year on Clear Lake-Jul 15, 2013

Where Did They Go? — July 15, 2013

Two nights in a row there has been a large flock of house sparrows  flitting about, swooshing from ground to tree to bush. I haven’t been able to capture them because they move so quickly, but I did get this little guy who topped the decorative fixture in the Lake Nassau Park garden. He seems to be asking my question, “Where did they go?”

Every time I think I have Nature figured out, she throws me a curve ball. We had rain again, and a good amount of it. I was excited and confident there would be a ton of activity when I arrived on the peninsula. Not so. Don’t get me wrong–there was plenty of activity, but mainly in the form of mosquitoes–something that has been in absence until today. There was not much activity in the realm of other wildlife, though–even the YCNHs were sparse this evening.

One thing the rain did do, which I wish I could bottle up and let you take a whiff, is unleash a multitude of scents. Most of us have become so accustom to living in concrete jungles that earth smells are but a faint memory, if that. This evening, walking along I was treated to a cornucopia of scents.  Earthy smells, like that of dirt and rocks rising up from the path; then a hint of a sweet scent lightly filling the air possibly coming from a nearby fragrant bush, but it doesn’t linger. Suddenly it seems the air is warm and heavy with an acrid smell that demands attention.  And no trip to the peninsular is complete without a few good whiffs of the lake’s fishy water. One seldom enjoys such a complete range of smells in such a short space. I am thrilled.

Rain showers are predicted all week, and best of all, there seems to be some truth to the forecast. Storm clouds dominate the skies. I love them, though the lightening flashes cause concern. The peninsula is flat, and in many areas it is open with few trees and only low shrubbery. I am the tallest thing around. The idea of playing lightening bait isn’t my idea of a fun time. Needless to say, I didn’t dally on the way out.

Green Thought: The meadow: green in spring, gold in summer, brown in fall, white in winter, everlasting, ever-changing. ~ Unknown