A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 31, 2013

Head in the Clouds – January 31, 2013

Not since I was a kid have I been so in love with clouds. I posted about them earlier in the month, too. Forgive me, but they fill the sky in fascinating ways with interesting displays depending on their shape. Big and fluffy ones (cumulus) drift about morphing into all manner of things; the thin, flat ones (stratus) stretch taunt across the sky for miles and miles.

The interplay between the sun and clouds adds drama. The thin stratus clouds are just thick enough to blunt the sun’s blaring glare. Veiled behind them, you can almost sense the sun doing a slow burn as it tries to bust through the unwanted censor. Then it takes its revenge at day’s end when it sets the clouds on fire and the sky ablaze as it fades below the horizon.

Clouds make “without a cloud in the sky” kind of days seem down right boring. Take sunsets for instance. Yes, they are beautiful in and of themselves, but if you want a knock-your-socks-off kind of sunset, add a few clouds.

Life is like that, too. Sure, it’s nice when everything is running smooth and routine, but it can get dull and boring. Us, too. It’s the challenges we face, the ones that add depth and drama, that make for more interesting lives, and individuals, too.

I’m ready to go lie down in the grass and blow a few hours cloud-watching. Care to join me?