A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 28, 2013

Nature’s Gift – January 28, 2013

When gray sky meets gray water seamlessly

It would be easy to write today off as just another gray lake day with a lot of wind and choppy waters added. We often get caught up waiting for dramatic sunrises and sunsets, and overlook the incredible beauty and drama in nature’s details.

Like this blooming hibiscus with its brilliant color and creative design. It’s hardly a blip on our radar screen, but what a way to brighten the day.

And this  juvenile Little Blue Heron, masquerading as a snowy egret as he makes his way along the jetty rocks. Only a close look at its yellow legs reveals his true identity. These birds are snow white as juveniles, but mature to a solid blue gray. The yellowish legs are the tip off–egrets have black legs with bright yellow feet.The yellow legs are the clue that this is not an egret but a young Little Blue Heron.

Then below, on the lower deck, the cycle of life continues with the Monarch butterflies. A new one emerges from its chrysalis, as another is just entering the pupa stage, shown in the photo still creating its chrysalis.

A new Monarch emerges as another prepares to begin its pupua stage.Nature, of which we are a part, is filled with wondrous gifts if we will pause long enough to enjoy them.