A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 23, 2013

This Sky Is On Fire – Jan 23, 2013

The sun edges closer to the ground as it prepares to wrap up its day’s work. Talk about a daily grind – try doing its routine for a few billion years.


As I was going through today’s photo collection  to decide which to use, I was moved by the many emotions the lake evoked in me throughout the day. I decided to share my day on Clear Lake.

White pelican

The morning began with a sunrise hidden behind a touch of fog. Often on these muted mornings  I find the white pelicans out, and they were  – in force. These creatures are the epitome of peace and serenity as they glide effortlessly atop the water. Add them to the morning’s soft start and one can’t help but feel calm and relaxed.

Fish jumping

The fish were active this morning as well. I was able to capture one mid-air as it leaped from the water. Admittedly it was accidentally on purpose, but I was still excited. I have wanted to capture this action in a photo forever, but realized it would be a matter of sheer luck. Today was my lucky day. A mullet chose to jump just as I snapped the shot of the pelican in the distance.

Naked Island

The naked island made me sad. The missing trees have changed the entire landscape of this portion of the lake. Not only is the island’s appearance different, but it is affecting the appearance of the whole area. I’m still processing the transformation, and will put it in better words as I am able.


When I arrived at my one of my favorite spots in the early afternoon, the osprey (my obsession) was on duty atop his favorite spot. At one point he took off and I was hopeful of capturing him in flight, but he stayed on the far side of the lake. I finally had to give up and admit I couldn’t be that lucky twice in one day. I departed knowing I would be back later.




On my return trip as the day was waning the site yielded a bevy of ducks, one fisherman and a beautiful setting sun. All in all it was a good day on Clear Lake.