A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 21, 2013

Gentle Morning, Jan 21, 2013

Clouds and a touch of fog help tame the morning’s sunrise, softening its bright, radiant glow. Such mornings are made for those of us who prefer to ease into our days.  It’s like rising early to sit and sip a warm cup of coffee before the morning rush to get ready.  On these gentle mornings, unlike those with a full-up sunrise, the day tiptoes in softly, rather than knocking down the door shouting that it’s time to get moving.

Good Times III

My scripted day took an unexpected, but welcomed, turn when visiting sailor friend, Phil McBride, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – a short boat ride aboard Good Times, a 31ft, 1968 Chris Craft. Phil purchased the boat here, but is taking the Good Times to his home in Dallas tomorrow. It is a practically issue, he explained, but a reluctant decision.

Phil (foreground) and the tow crew.

Pelican with lighthouse in the background.

Pelican visits a channel marker

Even though we were  towed the entire way the ride was delightful.  The lake was calm and smooth, though shallow, registering a mere 2 1/2 feet on the boat gauge

It was fun to see the lake from the lake. I’m reminded how urban the lake is – apart from a small stretch along the south shore there is little left undeveloped. And the poor lighthouse island looks so forlorn, stripped of its foliage. I shutter to think what’s in store for that piece of real estate.The high-rise Endeavor in the backgroun

Thanks for a great ride, and good luck with the Good Times, my friend. See you when you come this way again.