A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 19, 2013

A Mid-morning, Cloud-filled Sky -Jan 19, 2013



What a dazzling display the clouds made today. They dominated the sky from sun up to sundown with a sampling of their immense diversity. Fluffy clouds, paper-thin sheets, popcorn rows all layered at varying altitudes. I’ve never been so captivated and intrigued by the sky before.

Usually clouds are little more than  white noise,  a backdrop at best that garners little or no attention. Unless, of course,  the clouds are black and formidable-looking, alerting to an approaching storm – then they get our attention.

We take our sky too much for granted, as we do most of what surrounds us outside our homes and offices.


We might pause momentarily to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset, often made more spectacular by the presence of clouds, but how often do we pause to appreciate the clouds themselves. Can’t remember the last time I laid on the ground and stared skyward at the passing formations. Or for that matter, until yesterday, stared skyward at all.


Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to the many different shapes and types, all determined by atmospheric conditions and altitude, but I find them fascinating, and want to learn more.

So much natural beauty surrounds us. Must remember to take the time to enjoy it.

In the meantime, I found this snowy egret parked on the bulkhead. Doesn’t he look like a stray cloud that drifted down and landed atop two sticks?