A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 16, 2013

Catching a few rays -Jan 16, 2013

The sun’s return – cause for celebration. This group of cormorants, their backs to the sun,  revel in its warmth while they hang out on the skeletal remains of an old, dilapidated pier.

Have I mentioned how much brighter the sun is after it’s been missing in action for a while? Whether following a few days of overcast skies and drizzly rain, or in the aftermath of a fierce, raging tropical storm, the sun is always brighter and the sky bluer. Is it that the air is purged, cleaner and clearer now making the sun appear brighter? Or is this just my imagination – so much happy talk? Don’t know. There may be truth in the old adage about absence and a heart growing fonder; about gratitude and appreciation for those things we take for granted.

I know this: today the sun was magnificent in its brilliance and its gentle warmth amid the chilled air. Welcome back, my friend. Pull up a chair and stay a while.