A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 15, 2013

A Little Bit of “Sun” Shine – Jan 15, 2013

As gray skies, rain and chilly temperatures continue on the lake, this blossoming sunflower shares its own warmth and brightness, bringing a little bit of sunshine into the overcast days. The big yellow flower was the unintended result of a scattering of bird seed on the deck above. Most likely sent over the rail by flapping pigeon wings, the seed landed in the fertile ground below and took root. And then, on a dreary, windy, chilly day it chose to open up and share its radiance with the rest of the world. It may not warm the body, but it warms the soul.

Life doesn’t always deliver bright, sunshiny days. It’s important to find our own bright, warm spots within to draw upon when gray skies dominate. Plant a few “seeds”  today and nurture them, so you’ll be ready when the sun forgets to shine.

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