A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 13, 2013

Flashback: A North Wind Blows- Jan 17, 2006

Seven years ago in mid-January, a southward moving cold front blew through Houston, emptying much of the water from the shallow end of the lake and exposing muddy lake bottom – a phenomena  made even more pronounced at low tide. It’s not an uncommon occurrence at this time of the year, but this front brought unusually strong winds, emptying  more water than usual. The exposed lake bed (not counting the channels) reached all the way from the west shore to in front of the lighthouse.

Birds love to take advantage of these opportunities. feasting in the newly-exposed territory. The event typically only last a day before the water returns.

All in all, Houston winters are mild, and are among the most enjoyable days of the year (personally). January is the coldest month with average highs around 63 degree and lows dipping  into the mid-40s. We experience approximately 18 days of freezing temperatures during the winter, with “hard freezes” being rare.  The coldest temperature ever recorded in Houston was 5 °F on January 23, 1930.