A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 10, 2013

Making waves – Jan 10, 2013

A young cormorant pops up unexpectedly from beneath the calm  lake waters causing a series of tiny mini-waves to ripple across its smooth surface, offering a zen moment.

The heavy rains of the last two days have transformed the lake. Its water level is high as nearby creeks and bayous rush to deliver their bank-swollen loads. Usually a slight shade of gray,  the lake takes on a decidedly muddy hue. While the water appears still, it too is flowing  rapidly  toward the Bay and Gulf with its own goods to deliver.

Shining its brightest after nine days of overcast skies, the sun is overjoyed to see us again, but no more so than we, who celebrate its brilliant and revel in its warmth. The companion blue skies are blue than blue. In all, a joyful reunion.

Don’t get used to it, we are warned again. Yet another rain system is on its way. We shrug it off. It is little more than a mere ripple that belongs to the unpredictable future. Today, we have the sun.