A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 09, 2013

Hunkered down – Jan 09, 2013

Another rainy day in Houston, and a quiet day on the lake. It has been stormy with much lightening and thunder. The system has lingered for days with more due tomorrow.

It’s interesting to see how the storms have impacted bird traffic, which has been very slow. There is still movement in the morning and evening, but little during the day. I have seen only a few pelicans flying overhead, and none fishing – now that’s a rare occurrence.

The heron, camped on the post (above), appeared late in the day, and the cormorant (left), too. But several checks throughout the day yielded few birds. Of course, I’ve never  watched the lake with the scrutiny I am now.

On the bright side, we have made headway in making up deficits in rainfall amounts, which will help to lessen the effects of the drought.