A Year on Clear Lake-Jan 05, 2013

Days Like This – Jan 05, 2013

“Momma said there’s be days like this. There’d be days like this, my momma said. Momma said. Momma said,” or so sang the Shirelles.

Day 5 of the New Year and it’s still gray, rainy, and chilly. But you won’t hear me complain. We’re still in a drought. Our precipitation is roughly 10 inches below normal. We’ll take every drop of rain we can get.

Besides, this is winter in Houston. We don’t get dramatic seasonal change – no breathtakingly beautiful leaf color changes in the fall. No winter wonderland transformed beneath blankets of fluffy white stuff. So, for those of us who long for seasons – overcast and chilly is our winter, and it feels good. Real soup weather. It gives us an opportunity to pull out our sweaters and boots, hats and gloves, too. We know it won’t last long. We’ll be back to sunny skies, warm temperatures, and steamy humidity in the blink of an eye.

In the meantime, we’re enjoying our winter gloom, and the antics of the small flock of sparrows that are frequenting our back deck. They are comical and fast – very fast. Never lingering anywhere for long.

In the photo to the left it appears one of the little fellows has gone way out on a limb. And in the photo to the right, a small group of the birds are curious about what is happening on the deck down below.