A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 20, 2013

Sweater Weather – February 20, 2013

Another rainy, windy day in Houston. Our Mourning Dove here has the right idea. It isn’t particularly cold, but the dampness and the wind are just enough to produce a chill, and require a light jacket. Of course, the dove doesn’t have a closet to pull a hoodie out of, but no need. He can go one better. All he has to do is puff himself up.  The air, trapped in his puffed up feathers, is warmed by his body heat. Trapped close to his skin, the heated air keeps the dove warm. Not a bad deal – just think you would never have to worry about going into a cold meeting or restaurant again – just ruffle your feathers and puff up.

It seems to me that  doves are one of those species that have been placed on this planet just  to make it a more mellow place. These gentle birds emit peacefulness — oh, sure there’s a bully or two when it comes to establishing pecking order around the bird feeder, or vying for a female’s attention, but other than they seem content with life as it is. Granted, they may not have too many brain bytes (this species is especially noted for its small head compared to its body), but they are a much-welcomed addition to my world.