A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 28, 2013

Point Hilton — February 28, 2013

Beautiful, spring-like day with just a touch of cool. We’re all loving it here at the park–me, the birds, and a few other souls sitting in their cars and trucks eating lunch, or just taking a break. It’s actually the boat launch area next to the park, and it’s one of my favorite new haunts. I like this side of the park because it’s less manicured, and a tad more rugged–if “rugged” is a word you can apply to Clear Lake.

Funny. I’ve lived in this area for 39 years, and during the last 15 years have only been about a mile from this spot. In all that time I never stopped here–not once, though I drove past a billion times. I don’t own a boat, and I’m blessed to have a beautiful view of the lake right out my back door, so why would I stop?

I should have stopped because I’m human and we humans become immune to what is familiar to us. The view from my deck is wonderful, but I can appreciate it and the lake so much more now that I’ve started visiting and exploring other locations along its shores.

We need to always be introducing ourselves to new places. It’s stimulating and exciting discovering new views of familiar things, and exposing ourselves to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells. It’s keeps us young and growing.

I love stopping here; scouting the jetty for egrets, and pelicans; and snapping a photo of one of those irascible seagulls that make me laugh. It’s a delight. Ten short minutes spent here, breathing in fresh air, and filling up all my senses is not only richly rewarding, but relaxing, too.

Go explore today!