A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 27, 2013

Rosy Start -February 27, 2013

Beautiful sunrise–it’s been a while since we’ve had such a colorful one. What a great way to start the day. It’s reassuring because you know, if nothing else goes right, at least the day began with total inspiration.

Even though cool temperatures linger you can sense that the spring transition has begun. The sun and moon have already covered a lot of ground retracing their steps back north. Hummingbirds are due to begin their pass-through any day now–I bought a new feeder to be ready. The purple martins houses are filling up fast as more of the birds arrive daily. (Yes, the sparrow is still holding its ground as witnessed by this photo with him/her claiming the top spot.) And apparently, the osprey have left the building.

It’s been at least a week or two since I’ve seen either of the two osprey which frequented the lake this winter.  They are among the first migrant birds to leave, and usually in February. Isn’t the clockwork amazing?

I tried repeatedly to capture a sharp image of the osprey who wintered here, but was only able to get two half-way decent photos. They birds were just out of range of my camera’s ability to zoom for a clear picture. But, ironically, I got the photo I had hoped for by traveling 1500 miles to Costa Rica earlier this month. There, on the Tarcoles River, was an osprey with prey within my camera’s range. I post the Costa Rica photo today in honor of the two beautiful, but elusive birds that shared their winter with us. May their return trip home be a successful one, and I hope they honor us with a visit again next winter.