A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 25, 2013

Air in Motion – February 25, 2013

The wind is today’s story. It was non-existent early. We began with a soft morning–calm waters and fog, but by afternoon the wind was forceful at 20-30 miles per hour sustained and gusts to 40. It whipped up the water, generating swells and whitecaps and sending waves crashing into shore with enough force to bathe the area in spray.

It’s hard to complain, though, when parts of north Texas and the middle part of the country are being slammed with the second blizzard in a week. Winds there have been clocked as high as 65 mph. By comparison it makes our paltry wind seem downright wimpy.

The good news about a bad wind is its purging power–perhaps where the term “winds of change” comes from. When a strong wind finally settles, the air is cleaner and clearer, and the atmosphere usually drier and cooler.  So despite the  inconvenience of the pesky wind, welcome the change. It’s always refreshing.

More purple martins are arriving each day.