A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 24, 2013

The Ship Is In–February 24, 2013

If you’ve been waiting for your ship to come in, quit. Our ship arrived the day we were born. Whether an ocean liner, a yacht, a sailboat, or a life raft is all a matter of how we choose to live life. We can dream big and live big, or spend our days waiting for someone to come rescue us.

One thing this project, A Year on Clear Lake, has taught me is how easy it is to take life and all things surrounding it for granted. We see, but we don’t SEE. We live, but we don’t LIVE. Familiarity breeds complacency. We get locked in a groove, distracted by the narrow path before us, and miss the rich sights and sounds all around us.

Hey! We won the lottery the day we were born! We are winners today, right now. What a jackpot this marvelous adventure called life is. Don’t squander your winnings waiting for something better to come along. It’s already here.