A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 23, 2013

Sing To Me, Baby–February 23, 2013

Got a song in your heart? Sing it out! Sing it out at the top of your lungs for the world to hear! Nobody can do it like you, and absolutely nobody can do it better.

Way back in third grade I was relegated to the Listening Bird group for the upcoming school Christmas play. It was a group of kids who were instructed not to sing, but just “mouth the words”. We were suppose to let the Singing Birds do the singing. A psychologically devastating moment, it scarred me for life. Granted, I couldn’t carry a tune, but even I knew that being a Listening Bird wasn’t something to run home bragging about. To this day I’m self conscious when it comes time to sing Christmas carols. I still can’t carry a tune, but nowadays I don’t care.  I sing anyway.

And that’s what we need to do. It’s easy to become a listening bird. To kick back and let the singing birds carry the tune (and the day). Oh, heck, there’s no need to put ourselves out there. We can just mouth it.

But remember, your song is like no other song in the world, and only you can sing it.  If you don’t, no one will ever hear that wonderful, incredible, unique song that is yours.

Come on. Sing it out. We’re waiting…