A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 21, 2013

Snack Time – February 21, 2013

Super busy day, so not much time to spend on the lake, but I did catch this sparrow enjoying a snack at the back deck’s feeder. These little seed-eating birds will consume one-fourth to one-half their weight in food each day. That’s believable if you’ve ever watched their movements–they don’t do anything leisurely, and border on hyperactive. Still, that is a lot of food. It may not seem so when you’re talking about a bird that doesn’t even weigh half a pound. But to put it in perspective, imagine eating half your weight in food. It’s pretty mind-boggling. Of course, there are those days when it feels like I’ve consumed half my weight in food, but let’s not go there…

One other interesting fact about these little birds: during the winter months when it’s cold, a sparrow can only survive 15 hours without food, but during the summer it can last up to three days. Quite a differential, and it makes me appreciate the value of the bird feeder from the sparrow’s perspective. I’m glad to help out however I can.

Welcome this new Monarch to the world today. It was a rough, first day with rain and wind whipping around. But heck, if he could make it through this stormy start, he can make it through anything.