A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 19, 2013

Eyes On It–February 19, 2013

I love the intensity and the focus here of the Ibis and the Great White Egret. Of course, neither have cell phones ringing or text messages to check. How refreshing to be able to direct all your attention toward the task at hand. Years of multitasking have left my brain a frazzled mess, made worse by the dawn of the iAge. We’re connected to everything except the present. Our two friends here remind us to set time aside each day to focus, and even better if we’re focusing on nothing. It’s time to let our brains defrag.

Now for an update on a developing story. As mentioned in an earlier post, the annual battle for nest space between the purple martins and the sparrows has begun. The little sparrow took up residence in the purple martin house a few days ago ahead of the mass arrival of the purple martins. I spotted a few martin scouts on Valentine Day and knew trouble would soon be brewing. Today I see the first purple martin pair have arrived and moved in. In my book it marks the unofficial start of spring. Stay tune for a fun season of martin chattering, and aero-acrobatics. It’s a treat, too, when the babies emerge–both the martins and the sparrows.

Spring is on the way.